Traditional crafts of rural South Bohemia

Bearers of Alife Cultural Heritage

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BlacksmithAs part of its non-profit activities, the Society cooperates with several traditional craft artisans from the region, two of whom have been recognized as "“Keeper of the Folk Craft Tradition" by the Czech Ministry of Culture under the UNESCO honor program for tradition-bearers.

In 2019, our dedicated craft exhibition was moved partly to our gift shop and partly to our Blacksmith Workshop in Nove Hrady, to make room for the Great War - Czech Independence exhibition. Craft products are still for sale in our gift shop. several of the products are also for sale through our gift shop or can be bought directly at the workshop. For blacksmithing and forged objects, have a look at our blacksmith site.

Craft room   craft room 2
Our previous crafts exhibition, now partly moved to the gift shop area

Dominova purse
a new purse with decorations of fish scales

Dominova market   fish-scale jacket
Left: Mrs. Dominova, Bearer of Traditional Craft honors, the last person to work professionally with fish-scale decorations.    At right: unique, but in the real sense of the word. A 19th century shoulder jacket with fish scale decorations, unfortunately not in our museum.

basket making   ceramics 2
Basket making and some examples of ceramic work done locally

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