Project Networld: preserving WWI heritage


The NETWORLD project is co-funded by EUROPEAN UNION funds (ERDF and IPA) within the Danube Transnational Programme. The NETWORLD project contributes to the Danube Transnational Programme objectives and priority area 2 (Environment and culture responsible Danube region) by strengthening the joint and integrated approaches in documenting, preserving, managing and promoting the cultural heritage in the Danube region.

The main objectives of the NETWORLD project are to increase the awareness of the First World War (WWI) heritage in and its sustainable use for the development of quality cultural tourism.

The NETWORLD specific project objectives refer to:

- preparing a database, a strategy and a management plan for architectural WWI heritage,

- improving the cooperation between countries of the Danube region in order to commemorate the WWI centenaries,

- increasing awareness and visitor numbers of WWI heritage by providing diversified quality tourist promotion brochures and  by demonstrating the common brand “Walk of Peace” in the Danube region, and

- promoting  the value of peace, based on a common  commemoration of WWI shared past  through e.g. transnational events, scientific conferences, youth  exchanges, education tools

Fourteen project partners from nine countries of the Danube region and eleven associated partners  joint their efforts to implement project activities and tasks, grouped in six main work packages. These packages relate to Project management, Communication, Database and Strategy, Quality Cultural Tourism, Demonstration and Testing, Education and Exchanges.

The NETWORLD partnership and project activities are led by the Soca Valley Development Centre (SLO). The Rozmberk Society is the project partner from the Czech Republic. Together with local partners, the Society will establish a new WWI monument in the Town of Nove Hrady and develop education materials, trails, and exhibitions on WWI heritage.


Networld Great War Heritage information flyer

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