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Kojakovice Peasant and Emigration Museum

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Exhibitions at the museum

The Kojakovice Peasant and Emigration Museum tells about how people lived and worked in the rural South Bohemia of a century and more ago; focussing on the period 1848 - 1910. It also explains reasons for emigration to the USA and Canada, and the fate of the Czech emigrants on the great plains of the Midwest. All the displays are based upon the history and stories of persons from Kojákovice and its surroundings. The stories of the settlers were mostly told through letters of the settlers themselves and stories of their descendants.

Part of the stories are well-documented facts, other stories were free interpretations of what people thought had happened, and some were probably just made up. It will not be, as you would read in mainstream history books but it might sound familiar to you; it could have been the story of your ancestors.

A much more detailed explanation on Czech village life and emigration to America in the period 1850 -1910 can be found on the website of our sister organization Czech Friends

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